Evening Prayer

Another day ends and the lights go out.
Night testifies to the greatness of your creation.
Blessed are you, Father of the Universe,
for the curiosity you awakened in me,
for the daring plans,
for the will power,
and for the light that shone on my ways.
Blessed are you, King of the Universe,
guide of those who worship you
and place in you their trust
and unwavering faith in the destiny
that you hold in store for us.
Today, as always, I thank you,
my Father, my Lord and Creator of the Universe,
for another day of struggle and accomplishments,
for the difficult hours and passing worries.
Blessed are you, Lord and Protector,
who has lit our ways
and kept us courageous,
who has given us another opportunity
to close with credit the balance sheet of this day.
The stars remind us of your infinite power,
and the quietness of the night
witnesses to the majesty of your silence.