Small Faith Groups

Are you looking for a powerful way to grow in your faith and meet other people? Consider participating in one of our weekly faith groups. These small communities provide an intimate setting for you to share your faith with others.

Women's Spiritual Discussion Group- Fridays from 3-4 in Muller Chapel
The women's group is a small group that will be focusing on women supporting one another through our faith. In the past, they have read the book Rising Strong by Brené Brown and relate the book’s themes of vulnerability and strength to our personal faith journey and life experiences. They have also read various books in the Bible together including the books Ruth and Esther. Overall, they share what has been going on in their weeks and support each other during their time at Ithaca College.

If you are interested, email Erin ( to sign up or for more information.

Bible Study at Longview Small Group- Fridays from 6-7 at Longview
A weekly small group devoted to sharing the Gospel message with those over at the Longview, a residential living community for older adults. This Bible Study provides an opportunity for you to meet some of the residents over at Longview and connect with people that can become role models in your daily life. This Bible Study has read Genesis, Ruth, Matthew, John and Luke, This fall, the group plans to read the Acts of the Apostles.

If you are interested in joining this group, email John ( to sign up.

Christian Life Community (CLC) - Meetings TBD

A Christian Life Community or CLC is a group rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. The group meets weekly to discuss faith through the context of Bible passages or other spiritual readings as well as talk about life at Ithaca College. All are welcome to attend this discussion at any time! The group typically follows the Pathways program which outlines the meetings at this website:

Circles of Compassion- Wednesday at 8 AM and Thursday at 4 PM in Muller Chapel

A Circle of Compassion is based on the book 12 Steps to a Compassionate Life by Karen Armstrong. This group is an interfaith group that meets weekly to discuss a chapter of this book. The group starts with meditation, then a check-in, followed by a discussion of a chapter from the book. The times listed above are what worked in the spring semester this past year and are subject to change. All Ithaca College students, faculty and staff are welcome to participate in these discussions.

Bible Study