Meet the Clinical Staff

Suki Montgomery Hall, Ph.D.Clinical StaffSuki Montgomery Hall, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Licensed Psychologist, State of New York Ph.D., The University of Denver

I have been on the staff of CAPS at Ithaca College since 2001. I am a Licensed Counseling Psychologist and earned my MA and PhD from the University of Denver. During my training, I worked mostly within college mental health, and find working in these centers with college students very fulfilling. I am the Assistant Director of CAPS and help to coordinate our Graduate Internship program, as well as the Mental Health Response Team, a team of staff and faculty with a purpose of helping students in the case of a campus-wide emergency.

My therapeutic style is a mix of interpersonal, relational, and cognitive-behavioral perspectives within a short-term model; therapy is a collaborative process of exploration of emotion, relationship patterns, supporting students' self awareness and encouraging change. Running therapy groups is a special interest for me, as I find people gain a rich experience and positive feedback when working on emotional struggles with their peers. In individual therapy and group therapy, I help students to cope with symptoms of anxiety, depression, social anxiety, sexual assault and abuse experiences, problematic relationship patterns, and issues related to self-worth. I run the Sexual Assault Survivor Group and the Creating REALationships Group; if you are interested in knowing more about either one, please feel free to contact me.