Academic Recognition

While in High School, students are typically recognized for exeptional academic achievement by having their name placed on their school's Honor Roll and/or being inducted into the Honor Society. In College students with exceptional academic achievement are recognized by earning a place on the Dean's List for their school/division. First-Year students can also receive recognition by being inducted to the Oracle Honor Society. You can learn about the criteria for the Dean's List and the Oracle Honor Society by looking at the sections on Dean's List and Scholars and Honors Programs on the web site. You can calculate your grade point average by using the link below.

Figure Your Grade Point Average (G.P.A.)

In addition to the academic recognition programs outlined above, Ithaca College has a number of scholars programs. Students interested in becoming a Park, MLK, or Leadership Scholar must apply and be accepted for participation in the specific scholar's program. Additionally Ithaca College has a Honors program that provides an opportunity for academically talented students to participate in a program that is both academically and socially engaging.