First-Year Programs and Involvement

The Ithaca [Insider]

Welcome to a new year of helpful information and resource tips to keep you connected and in the know!


The Ithaca Insider is a bi-weekly publication intended to keep first-year students up to date on events on campus, happenings in the Ithaca community and to provide them with [inside] information about college life. Written by students, for students, the Ithaca [Insider] strives to connect new and transfer students with opportunities they will have access to over their four years at Ithaca College.

2013-2014 Ithaca [Insider] Volumes

Volume 15 - Ithaca is Forever
Volume 14 - Ithaca is Kicking Back
Volume 13 - Ithaca is Spring!

Volume 12 - Ithaca is Local
Volume 11 - Ithaca is FLEFF
Volume 10 - Ithaca is Prepared
Volume 9 - Ithaca is Discovery
Volume 8 - Ithaca is Below Zero
Volume 7 - Ithaca is Studious
Volume 6- Ithaca is Thankful
Volume 5 - Ithaca is Community
Volume 4 - Ithaca is Spooky
Volume 3 - Ithaca is Pride
Volume 2 - Ithaca is Festive
Volume 1 - Ithaca is Welcoming