Travel Medicine Clinic


The Travel Medicine Clinic at Ithaca College’s Hammond Health Center provides care for students planning any type of international travel. Based on your travel itinerary and health history, we will give you up-to-date, comprehensive information for traveling any where.

Services Provided:

Immunizations - we can provide you with required and recommended vaccinations based on your travel intinerary and personal health history. The IC Travel Medicine Clinic is a certified Yellow Fever Vaccination site. The World Health Organization (WHO) “yellow booklet” for recording vaccinations, which is required to enter some countries, will be given to you when you receive your vaccinations. Vaccinations that we can routinely provide (subject to manufacturer availability) include yellow fever, hepatitis A, typhoid, hepatitis B, influenza, MMR, meningococcal, polio, and tetanus/pertussis/diphtheria. Other vaccines can be special ordered on an as-needed basis.

Education- pertaining to prevention and treatment of common health concerns in the area you will be traveling. We also provide personalized medical advice based on your health history. You will leave your visit with a travel folder that includes detailed information about the countries you will be visiting including current health risks, areas of political unrest, hospital lists, embassy phone numbers and background information on current customs.

Malaria Prophylaxis – we can provide you with the appropriate prescriptions for malaria prophylaxis if recommended for the areas you will be visiting.

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Call to make an appointment at: 607-274-3177.

We recommend that you schedule your appointment for at least six weeks prior to your scheduled departure. Fees will be associated with immunizations.

Questions about what vaccines you will need? You can visit the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website listed below to get an idea of what you may need. We will discuss these in more detail when you arrive for your visit with us.