"Balancing Alcohol & Substance Use to Improve College Success"

What is BASICS?

BASICS is a confidential service that provides students with an opportunity to explore their alcohol and other substance use. BASICS is designed to assist students in examining their own substance use patterns and experiences in a non-judgmental setting. The goal of BASICS is to help students reduce high-risk behaviors and harmful consequences from substance use so that they can improve their success in college, both personally and academically.

What substances are ok to talk about in BASICS?

Our conversations in BASICS can include your alcohol use and/or any other substance, legal or illegal, including cigarette smoking and vaping (Juul, e-cigarettes, THC vaping, etc). We can talk about your marijuana use, LSD/acid, cocaine, opiates, and anything else. The content of our BASICS sessions is decided by you, the student.

What can I expect in BASICS?

BASICS typically involves two 50-minute meetings with a health promotion specialist which are scheduled approximately one week apart. In the meetings, you will have an opportunity to discuss and explore your level of risk, consider possible changes you might make, and identify practical strategies that you could take to reduce your risk.

BASICS uses a harm-reduction approach, so it is not an abstinence-only program. Personal goals for achieving a healthy balance with substances are set by the students themselves.

For a student's perspective, you may want to read this short blog post about BASICS.

For more information or to schedule a BASICS appointment, simply email us at Or call the Center for Health Promotion at (607)274-7933.

Already have a BASICS appointment? Here's how to find us:

The Center for Health Promotion is located on the lower level of Hammond Health Center. Enter the building from the outside staircase on the parking lot side, which leads down to the Office of Counseling & Wellness. When you enter the outside door, turn right and go down the hallway and through the door ahead. There are signs directing you to BASICS. There are chairs in the hallway in case your BASICS Provider is in session and you have to wait a few minutes.