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Jonathon N.L. CummingsJonathon N.L. Cummings

Jonathon N.L. Cummings '15

BA Culture & Communication and International Politics 
Senior Class Co-President
President of the Ithaca College Democrats


As Co-President of the Class of 2015, what would you like to have your graduating class remembered for?

As President of the class of 2015, I want my graduating class to be remembered as the class of movers and shakers.  I want my class to be remembered as the class that influenced the campus life and culture of Ithaca College.  I want our impact on this campus to be remembered long after we leave Ithaca College.

What are your career goals?

As of now I am interested in going into politics. Right now I’m juggling the idea of either one-day running for office or becoming a political consultant. I’ve also given thought to becoming a professor that teaches culture and communications or public policy, but that would probably be later on in my lifetime.

How has your internship experiences through Ithaca College helped your professional development?

During my junior year, I interned with the American Red Cross where I was an International Humanitarian Law Chapter Liaison. I was one of four Chapter Liaisons in the Central New York region working under the Central New York Chapter. My requirement was to work with either an organization or a school and develop an action campaign about International Humanitarian Law. I also had to help facilitate and run conference sessions, teach my focus group about International Law and send reports to the National Red Cross HQ in D.C.

I'm currently interning for the Martha Robertson Congressional Campaign Race, which will stretch to the November 2014 mid-term elections. For this internship I’m working on both the field and finance team. The field team is in charge of community outreach such as persuasion phone calls, knocking doors and going to different events around the district and spreading the word about our candidate.  The finance team is responsible for making planning and attending fundraisers, doing donor research and keeping track of the campaign’s funds. This internship helped me figure out what my career aspirations were.

What is your proudest accomplishment so far at Ithaca College?

My proudest accomplishment so far at IC is being instrumental in re-starting the RA Advisory Council. With the expansion of the First-Year Residential Experience, the implementation of the ICC and other changes going on in residential life, RAs had to adjust. At the time I was an RA in West Tower and I experienced the frustration and confusion just like my fellow colleagues, so I took it upon myself to create change.In collaboration with Marlowe Padilla, the then President of the Resident Hall Association, I created a survey and reached out to as many RAs as possible.  I brought the feedback to the attention of administrators in Residential Life where we talked about what steps should be made to address these issues. Out of this the RA Advisory Council was created.