Sexual Assault Advisors/Justices

Sexual assault advisors are faculty, staff, and students from the Ithaca College community who serve as support for either the primary witness or the accused student in Conduct Review Board hearings that involve sexual assault or domestic violence. These justices also are eligible to serve on Conduct Review Boards for cases of alleged sexual assault and domestic violence.

These advisors/justices are specially trained in conjunction with The Advocacy Center of Tompkins County. For more information on how to become an advisor, please contact the Office of Judicial Affairs.

Sexual Assault Advisors

  • Calida Barboza
  • Barbie Bargher
  • Anne Brady
  • Anne Carlineo
  • Sam Castonguay
  • Yolanda Clark
  • Arlene Dende
  • Michelle Flores
  • Amie Germain
  • David Gondek
  • Grace Heneghan
  • Emily Hess
  • Jon Hilton
  • Michelle Lang
  • Michael Leary
  • Noella Mpinga
  • Lynne Pierce
  • Bonnie Prunty
  • Greg Robbins
  • Molly Robbins
  • Eli Serota
  • Samantha Shaffer
  • Jess Shapiro
  • Grace Stover
  • Karin Wikoff
  • Kyle Woody