Alumni Honors

Michael Mandel '00

Mandel has been honored in Tucson's Business Edge's annual list of 40 emerging leaders who have achieved success in business and community before turning 40.

Braeden Sullivan '04

Sullivan is a recipient of the Thurgood  Marshall Scholarship at Santa Clara University School of Law. Thurgood Marshall was the first African American U. S. Supreme Court justice. Justice Marshall also served as lead counsel in the key Brown v Board of Education decision.

Justice Marshall’s opinions displayed a commitment to equality and inclusion; he authored many opinions that expanded equality and sought access for those who are disenfranchised. He believed that all attorneys are obliged to work for social justice and equality because “lawyers have a duty to represent the public, to be social reformers.”

This scholarship was established as a means of enabling future generations of lawyers to continue the work of Justice Marshall. Selection criteria include:

  • Demonstrated academic interest in equality, inclusion and social justice
  • A record of community service, with a commitment to eliminating racial, social and economic disadvantage in under-served communities
  • Intent to pursue a legal career that advances equality and social justice

Dan Tillapaugh '01 

Tillapaugh was awarded the 2007 Val DuMontier Outstanding New Professional Award by the American College Personnel Association's Standing Committee for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Awareness for recognition of a new professional who has made significant contributions to LGBT awareness.

Currently the Assistant Director of Student Activities at Goucher College, Dan also serves as a liaison to the Office of Community Living and Multicultural Affairs and the direct adviser for BGLAD, Goucher's LGBT undergraduate organization. He is also an instructor of an undergraduate LGBT Leadership course at the University of Maryland, College Park.