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All Gender Restrooms on Campus

A Quick Reference to Gender Friendly Restrooms in Non-Residential (Academic and Administrative) Campus Buildings

Athletic and Events Center (5)

First floor, Family bathroom
Second floor, Gender Neutral Accessible
Second floor, in the back of the VIP Room, near the gender neutral changing room
Second floor, past the track near the VIP Room, two gendered (M and F) single occupancy restrooms

Alumni Hall (2)

First Floor, 2 Gender Neutral Accessible Restrooms (to the left of the entrance)

Center for Health Sciences

Third Floor, Men’s and Women’s single occupancy restrooms (Note: Not lockable)


First Floor, gendered single occupancy, accessible restrooms

Dillingham Center (2)

MZ (ground) level, through main entrance to the left, down the stairs gender neutral, accessible
Second floor, Room 220, through main entrance to the right, up the stairs (or elevator) and down the hall to your right, gender neutral restroom

Egbert Hall (Campus Center) (2)

Room 245 in Clark Lounge
Behind Klingenstein Lounge (go through back doors)

Fitness Center (2)

Top Floor, 2 gender neutral Restrooms

Hammond Health Center (7)

Basement level, all gender, accessible restroom near LGBT Center

A second Basement level restroom is gendered but Gender Neutral Restroom signage can be affixed as desired

First floor, 4 all gender restrooms near waiting room (2 accessible)

Second floor, gender neutral restroom located off the nurses room (includes tub)

Job Hall (1)

Room 1, to L of ITS Front Office

Library (Gannet Center) (2)

Fifth Floor, 2 Gender Neutral Restrooms

Office of Public Safety (2)

Immediately to the right when entering the lobby (across from the Dispatcher window)

Park Business School (4)

Room 110, gender neutral, accessible
Room 329 (with shower) gender neutral, accessible
First floor, two single occupancy gendered restrooms near the middle of the building (2)

Peggy Ryan Williams Center (2)

First floor next to the elevators, accessible
Third floor near the elevators, accessible

Smiddy Hall (2)

Wheelchair Accessible and Gender specific single occupancy restroom on every floor
2nd floor in OT offices, across from 204 (Gender Neutral)
2nd floor in Clinic, across from 235 (Gender Neutral) 


East Tower (4)

Basement Level, to right of entrance and elevator, down hallway on left.
Basement Level, to left of elevator, through door and down hallway on right.
13th floor, to the right and the left of the elevator

West Tower (2)

Basement Level, to the L of entrance, down hallway on the right near W. Tower Conference Room
Basement Level, to the R of entrance, down hallway on the left near CFCU branch office

Whalen (1)

Third floor, "Artist Bathroom," next to Hockett Recital Hall, in the Hockett Green Room (which is to the left)
Fourth floor "Artist Bathroom," on left in hallway near Nabenhauer, behind Ford Hall

Williams (2)

Third Floor, two single occupancy (gendered signage), accessible restrooms





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More info and an interactive map with all gender and single-occupancy restrooms on campus, in downtown Ithaca, and surrounding communities is available through the app Pee in Peace.