Multicultural Affairs

ALANA Allies

The Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs works with numerous faculty, staff, and administrators across campus to provide support for our ALANA students.  This continuous support helps our students to feel part of the community and enhances their experiences.  Through various programs, services, academic and personal support, events, career opportunities, leadership development and more, this network helps make Ithaca College a place our students can call "home."


We thank these individuals for supporting our work by providing mentorship, guidance, support, and outreach to our ALANA students here at Ithaca College.

Derek Adams, Assistant Professor,

Stewart Auyash, Associate Professor,

Sean Eversley-Bradwell, Assistant Professor,

Donathan Brown, Assistant Professor,

Sherry Deckman, Assistant Professor,

Sue-Je Gage, Associate Professor,

Janet Galvan, Professor,

Belisa Gonzalez, Assistant Professor,

Scott Hamula, Associate Professor,

Brooke Hansen, Associate Professor,

Cynthia Henderson, Associate Professor,

Christopher House, Assistant Professor,

Paula Ioanide, Assistant Professor,

Jonathan Laskowitz, Associate Professor,

Annette Levine, Assistant Professor,

Gustavo Licon, Assistant Professor,

Nia Makepeace, Assistant Professor,

Hormoz Movassaghi, Professor,

Phuong Nguyen, Assistant Professor,

Rebecca Plante, Associate Professor,

Patricia Rodriguez, Assistant Professor,

Gwen Seaquist, Professor,

Peyi Soyinka-Airwele, Associate Professor,

Patricia Spencer, Assistant Professor,

Raj Subramaniam, Associate Professor,

James Swafford, Associate Professor,

Stephen Sweet, Associate Professor,

Gossa Tsegaye, Assistant Professor,

Baruch Whitehead, Associate Professor,


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