Discipleship Committee Review of Last Year

The Discipleship Committee is driven by the constant effort to be molded into the image of Jesus Christ. We believe that in order to be like Christ, we must first know who He is as revealed in His Word. Therefore, one of the most integral things we do as a committee is run weekly small groups- where students come together to study, pray, along with having fellowship. In the fall we covered Luke’s Gospel, and then the book of James in the spring. Outside of small groups, prayer acts as another important part of Discipleship. Students are able to write and submit requests for prayers on Thursdays during the noon hour. This past fall and spring semester, we planned and lead a night of prayer and fasting in the Chapel. It brought the community together before God in petition for our brothers and sisters, our campus and the world. The Discipleship Committee is looking forward to pouring love into the PC in these ways and more this coming year.