Jubilee 2017-Pittsburgh trip with worship, speakers, and call to integrate faith and fields of study

The Jubilee conference in Pittsburgh on Feb 17-19 led students through the foundational aspects of their faith. Through worship sessions, sermons from pastors and leaders of different backgrounds, and small, focused group discussions, Jubilee addressed the enormity of our salvation through creation, fall, and redemption. Students also attended major-based workshops that helped tie their plans for their lives to the overarching theme of the weekend: “every square inch.” This theme addressed Jesus’s great commission to the church—to devote their lives to making disciples of all nations—while also entreating us to bring God into the everyday aspects of our ordinary lives. Jubilee also provided a bookstore with materials to guide students beyond their discoveries of the weekend.

“As a writer, it’s hard for me to sometimes see concretely how God plans to use me, and that sometimes gets lost in my own ideas for my studies and career. Jubilee helped me reframe my own walk as the marriage of internal and external pursuits: to live Jesus in my daily life and feed my soul, and to actively introduce Jesus to every organization, relationship, and workplace I come across. I also got to have meaningful encounters with some amazing, influential people of God, and bought a few books to help me continue my pursuit. The weekend was pretty overwhelming, but so, so good, and the biggest thing I took away was the quote the senior director of the Jubilee program told us—to ‘run hard after Jesus.’” –Alena Chekanov, Junior writing major