Intramural Sports

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Single day tournament with teams of 4

Entries Due: Wednesday, April 1st by 2:00pm
Forfeit Bonds Due:  Thursday, April 2nd @ Manager's Meeting
Mandatory Captain/Rep Meeting: Thursday, April 2nd @ 6:00pm, Hill 107
League Begins: Tuesday, April 7th @ 5pm
Forfeit Bond Price:  $5 non-refundable entry per person ($20 per team). All proceeds benefit the Community Foundation of Tompkins County.

It's not what you're thinking: this is no classic game of strategy and good guessing. Instead, teams of 4 get into a canoe in the pool of the A&E Center. It's simple: sink all the other boats before yours is sunk. Buckets and life vests will be provided for you.

Curious as to what it looks like? Check this link out:

Intramural Battleship