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How to Participate in an Intramural Sport

How to Participate in an Intramural Sport

A Step-By-Step Guide

1. Create an account through

All participants need to be registered with If you are creating the team, you must make go to and then create the team for the league or join the activity you want to join. For everyone else on your team, please direct them to your team page and ask them to sign up and request be added to the team or you can also invite them to the team. If you need assistance with adding a teammate, contact the Intramural Office at or call (607) 274-1063. Once you create a team we will contact you to remind you about the Captains Meeting and update you when the schedule is available.

2. Come to the Captains Meeting

At least one member from each team must be at this meeting. The meeting is typically 20 minutes long while we cover all the rules for the activity, when and where the activity will take place, and other intramural policies. We will also go over viewing your schedule on for anyone who has questions. If you are not represented at this meeting, reach out to the Intramural's Sports Department or your team will not participate in this activity.

4. Game on!

You are now eligible to participate and will have your game schedule. You are obligated to make all of your games or the forfeit rules will apply. However, if you know ahead of time that your team cannot make a game, you may "default" by going onto or you can call the Intramural Office at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled game. For Sunday games, you must notify Intramurals by 5 pm on Friday. All teams may default once per semester. This will count as a loss in the team's overall record, but no penalties will apply. If a team does not call or does not have enough players for a scheduled game, it is a forfeit.

5. Sign up for the next activity!

To sign up for your next intramural league or tournament, start the process over.