Maintenance Request

Routine Maintenance

  • General (e.g., stuck window, door hard to open, drawer won't close, bathroom faucet dripping, light out): Submit request to Maintenance Direct. Log-in with your Netpass ID and Password.
  • Lack of Heat: Before submitting a Maintenance Direct request, be sure the ...
  1. radiator control knob is open (traditional halls).
  2. thermostat is set above the ambient temperature (Circles/Gardens).
  3. air flow to the radiator or baseboard heater is unobstructed.
  4. windows are fully closed and latched.
  5. Air Condition unit covers are installed (Circles only).
  • Cable TV: Direct maintenance requests to Time-Warner at (855) 225-7898. The most common problem is a missing or damaged cable connector where the cable has been pulled from the wall by a previous resident instead of purchasing the required coaxial patch cable. (see What to Bring).
  • Computer issues: ITS HelpDesk at (607) 274-1000.
  • Laundry machines: Report a Problem (use LaundryView to monitor the status of laundry machines online).
  • Microfridge issues: Refrigerator Leasing at (800) 423-9220.
  • ResNet issues: Contact Apogee at or by phone at (877) 478-8893. Write down the name of the person you spoke with, the time of the call, the number from which you called, a brief description of the issue, and the Apogee Ticket ID (if provided).
  • Telephone Service: ITS HelpDesk at (607) 274-3282.
  • Vending: Dining Services at (607) 274-1187.