Student Auxiliary Safety Patrol

Executive Board

The Student Auxiliary Safety Patrol is managed by an Executive Board of 3-4 students who have already achieved Senior status as members of SASP and who have demonstrated leadership skills. As a team, they represent the Student Auxiliary Safety Patrol as an organization and take on the necessarily responsibilities of overseeing all other members. The Executive Board is chosen through an application and interview process led by the previous Executive Board and the Coordinator of Administrative and Operational Support Services, Crystal Young. Each board serves for one calendar year.

The general duties of the Executive Board include participation in the hiring process, serving as Officer In Charge at large events, and being on-call to handle any questions or work-related emergencies of SASP members. They communicate with the Office of Public Safety and lead weekly meetings for the Student Auxiliary Safety Patrol. Most importantly, board members act as role models for other members of SASP.

Each position on the board also comes with specific duties:

  • Executive Director - The Executive Director acts as the leader for the entire organization. They not only oversee the general body of SASP but the other Executive Board members as well. The Executive Director’s largest responsibilities are allotting disciplinary action, maintaining equipment, and handling any public relations.
  • Operations Coordinator - The Operations Coordinator assists in overseeing the general body of SASP. The Operations Coordinator’s main responsibilities are to create a work schedule out based on member’s availability and to complete the necessary paperwork associated with payroll.
  • Training Coordinators - The Training Coordinators assist in overseeing the general body of SASP. The Training Coordinators as a pair are also responsible for leading the introductory training for new hires and for granting promotions to Junior and Probationary Members.
  • Communications Coordinator - The Communications Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Executive Director in expanding the visibility of SASP on campus and cultivating relationships with other student organizations and campus community members.

2017 SASP E-Board

Executive Director: Monisa Adams

Monisa Adams is from Sacremento, California.  She is a junior exercise science major with a medical science emphasis.  She has worked on SASP for about three years and also works as an operations assistant in the Circles Community Center.  Over the summer, she spends her time working at a Girl Scouts camp.

Operations Coordinator: Aimée Croteau

Aimée Croteau is a junior physical therapy major with a nutrition promotion minor who has worked for SASP for one and a half years.  She is from Massachusetts and enjoys working with children, which is why she is a part of Big Brother Big Sister.

Training Coordinators: Matt McKnight and James Yoon

Matt McKnight is a junior writing major with a philosophy minor.  He is from Rochester, NY and has worked for SASP for about two years.  His favorite book is City of Thieves by David Benioff.

James Yoon is a senior music education and euphonium performance double major from Greenwich, CT.  He has been working for SASP for about three years, and his hobbies include running, frisbee, singing, dancing, and food.

Communications Coordinator: Christina Fleming

Christina Fleming is a sophomore film, photography, and visual arts major from Pennsylvania.  She has worked for SASP for one and a half years and also works at the IC Climbing Wall.  In the free time she spends her time working on student films, and her favorite animal is the porcupine.