We look forward to spending the 45th 2019 Ithaca Suzuki Institute with you! At our institute you will find a wonderful mix of working towards goals of excellence through passionate learning, friendships, and lots of fun. From masterclasses, to repertoire classes, to enrichment classes, you will receive absolutely top-notch instruction by teachers from around the US and Canada. You will see Dr. Shinichi’s philosophy come alive through each of these world-renowned teachers. Parents will also be inspired to work with their children in new ways through parent talks, observations of their children’s lessons, and through new friendships with other parents on the same path.

To allow for the very best experience when you arrive, make sure that all of your Suzuki review pieces are well prepared. Following Suzuki’s approach, any piece from any book up to what has been learned can be used for teaching and motivational purposes- both within the masterclass lesson, in repertoire class, and in the play-ins. Also, arrive with a plan for a polished piece to play for your masterclass teacher on the first day. “Polished” is usually not the newest piece that is being worked on, but one that the student is very comfortable with. This way the teacher can look beyond the notes and find ways to take the student forward in other ways- musically or technically. There will be ample chance to practice each day, and you won’t believe the progress that you will make!

We look forward to greeting each one of you this summer!


Carrie Reuning-Hummel and Natalie Brandt Coots, Co-Music Directors

Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998), founder of the Suzuki method
2019 Dates

Suzuki Student and Teacher Institutes
July 1 - July 5, July 8 - July 12, or July 1 - 12, 2019

Registration opens March 4, 2019.