Student Institute

Advanced Violin, Viola, and Cello Program

Designed for the highly motivated student, this two-week session provides a more intensive study routine than the regular Suzuki Student Institute. Early registration is highly recommended. Students must be at least at the level of violin Book 7, viola book 5, or cello Book 6. There is a limit of 32 violin students and 12 cello students.The schedule includes the following:

  • five one-hour lessons over two weeks
  • repertory classes
  • string orchestra
  • technique classes with emphasis on scales, arpeggio series, shifting, double-stop studies, various bow strokes, and practice techniques
  • coaching with piano on solo literature
  • performance class

Students enrolled in the advanced repertoire program will be expected to practice between two and three hours each day, depending on the age and level of the individual. Each student should prepare solo material that will form the basis for coaching sessions at the institute. New solo material may also be presented. Students age 13-17 may elect to reside in the teen residence hall.

Audition Submission Requirements

Review of audition DVDs or online links will begin on March 9, 2018, and will continue until all openings are filled. The requirements for audition for the advanced violin and cello program are two contrasting solo pieces, at or above the minimum level, preferably with piano accompaniment. Clearly mark the DVD recording with your name, piece (s) being performed, and program to which you are applying. Recordings should be submitted as soon as possible to: Ithaca Talent Education, 929 Danby Rd., Ithaca, NY 14850. Online auditions/links should be emailed to