The Upper Years Program is housed in Terraces 09 and 11, and is only available to sophomores, juniors and seniors. The purpose of this residential area is to create an environment that intentionally addresses the needs and academic pursuits of sophomore, junior and senior residents. The Upper Years Program also includes a Transfer Student Experience program housed on the first floor of Terrace 11 (see Transfer Housing Program). Programs and events include social gatherings, information about study abroad opportunities, and career development.

There is no application to live in the Upper Years area! Simply select there during the normal housing selection process. Terraces 09 and11 have single, double, and triple rooms.

As a result of living in the Upper Years pilot housing, residents will:

  1. Continually develop the self-awareness, confidence and skills to make informed decisions about life goals, academic plans, and career direction.
  2. Actively connect with the resources necessary to be personally and academically successful.
  3. Intentionally explore and question beliefs, values, and identity as it relates to self and others.
  4. Responsibly participate in and take ownership of their personal and larger communities.

If you have questions about the Upper Years Pilot Program, please contact: