Parking for 4 wheels or 2

Campus Parking Services

The place to get your parking permit.

All vehicles must be registered with Parking Services.

For those students who have registered cars on campus, please pay special attention to traffic regulations and parking policies in order to avoid problems and to ensure everyone's safety.

First-year students are permitted to park in only one parking lot, designated as the "Green" lot. This lot is designated as the Z lot and is adjacent to Emerson Hall. Please pay special attention to signage in order to avoid parking illegally and being ticketed.

If you have any further questions about parking, please contact Parking Services at 607-274-3756.

Bicycle Registration

Many students choose to travel by bicycle to and around campus. Ithaca College requires all bicycles to be registered with the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management. It's free and easy. Bicycle registration is a deterrent to crime, can aid in the identification of lost or stolen bikes, and enables the Office of Public Safety to plan more accurately for improved bicycle parking and bicycle safety around the Ithaca College campus.

Use of Skateboards and Other Recreational Equipment

The Ithaca College campus is a very busy place. Since we try to make the campus a safe place for everyone, we need to restrict some activities to certain locations in order to avoid safety problems and damage to College property.

Therefore, roller blades, skateboards, bicycles, "mini-scooters," and other recreational equipment may not be used inside any campus building or in any high pedestrian areas, nor can they be used in the following areas:

  • tennis courts
  • basketball courts
  • stone walls
  • stairs
  • ramps
  • railings

They can, however, be used in areas with limited traffic.

If damage is caused as a result of a violation of this policy, repair costs for such damage will be the responsibility of the person(s) causing the damage. Any violation of this policy is also grounds for judicial action. Please be safe and considerate of your fellow community members.