Faculty Information

Information for Faculty Regarding Exams for Students with Disabilities

General Procedures for Faculty and Staff:

Faculty will receive an e-mail two business days prior to the exam administration requesting a copy of the test.

Before delivering exams, check for errors and see that all necessary materials are with the exam, e.g. pictures, diagrams, charts, and scantrons.

Please email (tests@ithaca.edu) or deliver the exam to 100 Rothschild Place.

Provide detailed instructions regarding the administration of the exam, e.g. cheat sheets allowed, open book, part 1 must be done before part 2, optional take home must be turned in before the exam, etc.

Please provide the exam 24 hours before the test is to be administered. If this is not possible, please email or call to indicate when the exam will be delivered.

When emailing, please send the exam (to preserve proper formatting) as an attachment to: tests@ithaca.edu. Please send as a Word Document, not as a PDF, since we sometimes need to enlarge test materials.

If students have been taking exams through Student Accessibility Services all semester and you do not receive requests for finals, please alert the office (274-1257).

Do not send exams through the campus mail. This is neither a secure nor a timely delivery system. 

Faculty are strongly encouraged to provide testing accommodations for their students.  If unable to provide accommodations listed on the academic adjustment plan, SAS will provide the services.

Students are responsible for initiating the request for testing accommodations.  The student is responsible for scheduling tests with our office at least three business days in advance of the scheduled exam.  Please do not send a test for a student unless contacted by our office - there may be times when a student will elect to test with the class.  The schedule listed below has been given to students to assist them in scheduling exams.  Due to the large numbers of students we are serving, no exceptions will be made to the three day rule.

Scheduling Tests with SAS

If your student has a test on:

  • Monday – They must call the Week Before by Wednesday
  • Tuesday – They must call the Week Before by Thursday
  • Wednesday – They must call the Week Before by Friday
  • Thursday – They must call on Monday of the Same Week
  • Friday – They must call by Tuesday of the Same Week

As a general rule, exams are scheduled to coincide with the administration of the test to the rest of the class. If that is not possible, the student must make alternate arrangements with the professor prior to scheduling the exam with the office.

Tests will be administered by our office during regular SAS office hours with some exceptions depending on accommodation needs. During final exam week, our office will have extended hours

Completed exams will be delivered to the Dean’s Office mid-morning and mid-afternoon except during finals week when we return exams throughout the day. Please do not request exam delivery to your office as we do not have the staff to provide this service. However, you may call and make arrangements to pick up completed exams at our office before 5PM.