Services and Accommodations

Procedure to Request Accommodations

1. Any student requesting accommodation must first identify her/him/theirself to the Student Accessibility Services by completing a Disability Identification Form and submitting the appropriate documentation as described below. Documentation will be retained in confidential files in the Student Accessibility Services. This documentation never becomes a part of the student's permanent record.

2. The intake interview is the foundation of determining appropriate academic accommodations here at Ithaca College. Supporting documentation requirements and sources may vary by type of disability/disabilities presented.  For example:

  • The nature and extent of a student's physical disability should be supported by a physician or health care professional letter of diagnosis, description of disabling effects of that diagnosis on this specific student and any recommendations for accommodation the medical provider may make.
  • The presence of a specific learning disability must by documented by a psycho-educational diagnostician, reflecting use of commonly accepted testing instruments as appropriate for the diagnosis. In addition, recent IDP or 504 plans are helpful.  
  • The nature, extent and specific diagnosis of a mental health or psychiatric disability should take the form of a written document from a certified and registered mental health provider (psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor or therapist with appropriate credentials.)  This documentation should include the specific  DSM diagnostic code, why and how the diagnosis rises to the level of a disability and any specific recommended accommodations the clinician may make.

3. Students must meet with a Student Accessibility Specialist at the beginning of each semester to discuss accommodations for the upcoming semester. Students will be requested to sign a release form allowing appropriate faculty and staff to be notified that accommodations may be necessary for a particular course.  The approved accommodations listed on the Academic Adjustment/Auxiliary Aid and Services Plan are valid for the current semester (as noted on the plan) only.  The student must request, and be approved, for accommodations every semester.  If a student has not identified to the office by filling out the Disability Identification Disclosure,  providing documentation on his/her/their disability, and consented to the limited sharing of information regarding the disability for accommodation purposes,  she/he/they will not be eligible to receive accommodation.

4. When the Student Accessibility Specialists have met with the student for intake, and in possession of the documentation and signed release form, a confidential letter describing the accommodation will be sent to appropriate college personnel. Strict confidentiality will be maintained by all persons receiving such information.

updated 8/15/17