Change ManagementChange Management

Execute change efforts effectively and you're a hero--but most often, change efforts are complex, messy, and impacted by cultural forces. This course examines concepts, models, roles, and best practices concerning implementing change initiatives.

After completing this seminar, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify critical success factors that impact the effectiveness of change programs.
  • Use change management models to plan and appraise change efforts.
  • Consider factors that influence individual behavior that facilitates or hinders implementation.

Module 1 SAMPLE Discussion Questions

  1. Describe an organizational change that has occurred, is occurring or is being planned in your organization (or a client's organization). Considering this initiative, what factors were considered or should be considered to assess organizational readiness for change?  (Describe how you assessed or might assess the organization's readiness for change.) Which models and concepts introduced in this module's readings do you feel are most relevant when you consider the change you've described. Why?
  2.  In your organization (or an organization to which you have consulted), which is/has been the “better” change strategy:
  • a series of small incremental changes,
  • one large-scale radical change initiative, or
  • a combination of incremental and radical change initiatives.

Why? How does your organization’s culture and external issues (and any other factors) affect the choice of how to approach change in your organization?

Module 2 SAMPLE Discussion Questions

Please answer these two questions:

  1. In your experience what has been the biggest reason for resistance to change in an organization you have either worked in or consulted to?  Of the articles we have read concerning resistance, which explanation(s) resonated with you and why?
  2. Which implementation approaches to address resistance have you used repeatedly that have been successful? Why do you think they have been successful?

SAMPLE Final Project

The final assignment is your way of demonstrating how you’ve applied the material in this course to your actual work situation. Answer the following questions (modify as necessary to fit your specific situation):

In 3-4 pages maximum, please provide the following:

  1. Describe a change initiative you are planning (or one that you have completed).  
  2. Describe the key actions you will or have used to implement the plan.
  3. Describe the communication plan that will support implementation. (For the second and third point, consider applying one of the change models (e.g., McKinsey 7S Framework, Force Field Analysis, Tichy’s ROPE, Nadler-Tushman, Weisbord’s Six Box) in preparing your answer. What barriers or resistance do you anticipate and what strategies are you considering to address these potential issues?  (Describe your strategies in terms of either HR, communication, OD, or whichever aspect is most relevant and meaningful to you.)