Collaboration MaturityCollaboration Maturity
Designing Partnerships for Trust and Synergy

Understand the current nature of interactions; and how to reach and work at the optimal level of shared interactions based on the goals of the organizations involved and the situational dynamics.

An expert facilitator with large- and small-scale organizational analysis experience will guide discussion around questions like:

  • What are the best working conditions for collaboration?
  • Can collaboration be engineered?
  • When, if ever, is collaboration not appropriate?
  • Who gets to make decisions in a collaborative partership?
  • Analyze and apply research on the factors that create a healthy communication infrastructure.

SAMPLE Final Project

Using one of the collaboration matrixes reviewed in week 2, evaluate the level (nature) of work interactions between two or more work centers in your organization (or between two different organizations). Identify the specific matrix you selected, giving your reasons (evidence) for selecting the level of interaction within that matrix.