Communication Systems Communication Systems
The Rules and Tools

Learn how to become the architect of a coherent and vibrant system of rules (policies, procedures, and standards) and tools (technologies and vehicles).

In this seminar, you’ll learn to:

  • Use systems analysis tools and visualization.
  • Design an information systems analytics study and contrast this to traditional communication audits.
  • Develop a communication strategy, vision, and standards based on an underlying communication theory and your organization’s brand and culture.

SAMPLE Discussion Question

How would you define the communication system in your organization? Is it reactive? Events and news focused? Or is it oriented to helping people better understand the organization's direction, goals and issues and their respective roles? In short, what sort of communication system is it? Finally, are you satisfied with its orientation? Why or why not?

SAMPLE Final Project

As a final project for this seminar, design either a Power Point deck or bulleted outline to illustrate how you would propose to improve your organization's communication system. What would be the essential elements of such a strategy, including how you would approach senior leadership for its endorsement of your plan for renewal? In that regard, what evidence or case do you believe would be most likely to win their support? Focus especially on what you see as the opportunities for improvement in the communication system.