Crisis CommunicationCrisis Communication

Explore an integrative and comprehensive framework for managing internal and external responses to crisis events. As a result of readings, case studies, projects and discussions with the facilitator and one another you will:

  • Examine effective and ineffective responses using case studies from Johnson and Johnson, British Petroleum and Xerox
  • Learn the fundamentals of crisis communication
  • Know the essential elements of a crisis communication plan
  • Better appreciate the necessity for proactive crisis communication strategy and plans
  • Discuss your reactions to the communication principles and determine how they apply to your role and responsibilities
  • Consider the benefits and challenges of an open communication culture during crisis
  • Apply what you learn to a crisis communication project relevant to your work

SAMPLE Discussion Question

One of the interesting questions in crisis communication is: what does success look like? In short, what measures would you use to determine if your crisis communication strategy had worked?

SAMPLE Final Project

Outline a crisis plan for your organization as a proactive strategy to deal with unexpected critical events. Focus the plan on any realistic scenarios that could befall your organization. Please identify the crisis possibilities in your plan.