Developing Organizational KnowledgeDeveloping Organizational Knowledge

Organizations hold an immense amount of data, information, and knowledge but are often poor stewards of these assets. Knowledge management (KM) systems are designed to better identify and utilize valuable organizational knowledge. In this seminar, you will learn about:

  • Knowledge assets
  • Knowledge management (KM) systems
  • Techniques to help your organization do a better job in developing intangible assets to their fullest potential

SAMPLE Discussion Question

How is knowledge managed in your organization? How well does it work or not work? Based on what you've read, what do you think are the reasons behind the relative success (or non-success) of knowledge management in your organization?

SAMPLE Final Project

Discuss the importance of people issues in knowledge management. As in previous discussions, consider your own organization. How is your social capital? Do you have the right organizational culture for effective knowledge management?