Leadership and Coalition-BuildingLeadership and Coalition-Building

Leading means more than managing. In this two-week session, you’ll identify your leadership strengths and weaknesses, and develop new ways to leverage your strengths and preferences, in order to build effective teams, and to manage upwards. You’ll apply these new ideas to an actual workplace situation and get feedback from your fellow learners.

You’ll learn:

  • To identify your personality type preferences and how this relates to your leadership style and your ability to build coalitions
  • How to distinguish between and use your power, authority, leadership, and influence
  • Proven ways to gain face-time and credibility with executives
  • Why managing your boss improves your standing with employees
  • Reflect on how you will develop the skills you need to build coalitions

SAMPLE Discussion Question

What are some techniques that you've used-- or that you've learned here -- that you believe would be successful in gaining exposure to and credibility with leadership and enabling you to get buy-in for your initiatives?

SAMPLE Final Project

Write a plan of action to develop your own leadership and coalition-building skills and effectiveness.  This might be some more learning that you wish to do (in the form of reading, getting mentored, etc.) and/or a plan for building more formal ties to executives and sponsors.  Please customize this to your own situation -- you might build a plan for getting support and attention for a particular initiative -- or it might be a more general plan for your own continued development and visibility.