Project Management for CommunicatorsProject Management for Communicators

Develop skills in writing and using RFPs, budgeting, scheduling, coordinating responsibilities, and using collaboration technologies to bring successful projects in on time and within budget.

In this seminar, participants will develop skills to:

  • Weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing
  • Write and respond to RFPs
  • Manage projects across teams
  • Identify new online collaboration technologies to lead virtual teams

SAMPLE Final Project

  • Design a practical guide or template that you will use in seeking, assigning, or managing projects in the future. Examples:
  • An actual RFP for an upcoming project
  • A template for RFPs that you’ll use in the future, with a list of potential vendors in your area of practice
  • If you’re a consultant or an agency, you can create a set of boilerplate proposal materials to put into a response to an RFP and list some new places to prospect for RFPs
  • A set of project management templates