Needs Analysis and Performance ConsultingNeeds Analysis and Performance Consulting

Move beyond being a creative producer to a consultant who identifies and closes business performance gaps, using a set of analytical methods and a wide variety of solutions.

In this seminar, you’ll learn to:

  • Identify why conventional, discipline-based methods for solving organizational performance problems are flawed
  • Describe several models for performance consulting and needs analysis
  • Apply analysis models in order to identify performance gaps and select appropriate
  • interventions
  • Discuss and apply concepts about the barriers and enablers to adopting performance consulting and gaining buy-in from clients and sponsors

SAMPLE Discussion Question

Based on the readings in this module, do you have any new ideas about how you might 'pitch' the value of what you do? 

SAMPLE Final Project

Use one of the analysis models to analyze an actual performance problem in your organization and recommend some possible solutions.