ROI and BeyondROI and Beyond
Demonstrating the Value of Communication or Performance Systems as a Business Asset

Today more than ever, professionals in communications, training, and performance consulting are challenged to prove their value. While many practitioners are beginning to calculate the actual and potential ROI of their projects, this measurement technique is just the beginning. Communication and learning systems have ongoing strategic value as intangible assets and a competitive advantage to organizations.

You’ll learn:

  • When, why, and how to calculate cost/benefits and ROI measures (and when NOT to).
  • How to use proven models and templates to pitch your projects as long-term intangible assets.
  • Strategies for protecting and leveraging your intellectual and business properties, creating an income stream for communications and training.

SAMPLE Discussion Question

How does your organization currently measure the value of communication and training efforts?

SAMPLE Final Project

Interview a member of your organization’s finance team, and write a short  paper explaining how they calculate the potential return on projects,  including concepts like cost of capital, etc.