Solving Performance Problems Across CulturesSolving Performance Problems Across Cultures

Solving performance problems within a single culture requires a systematic approach frequently using a performance improvement process. However, when addressing performance problems across cultures (as in global business) various cultural dimensions can complicate a single-culture performance improvement process.

This seminar combines practical applications with the theoretical foundations necessary to gain an understanding of cross-cultural issues and performance management processes needed by today’s global business managers.

Participants will be introduced to concepts in performance management including the HPT Model© developed by ISPI, and asked to consider how utilizing the HPT Model might be affected by cultural issues.

In this seminar, you will:

  • Develop a working understanding of a variety of cultural dimension and issues that impact working across cultures
  • Develop a working understanding of performance improvement tools
  • Apply the knowledge of cultural issues and performance improvement tools in an integrated fashion when managing performance across cultures

SAMPLE Discussion Question

The readings provide insights into the manner in which we differentiate cultures. By selecting MODULE 1 below, please provide an example of how this information can, or could have been, useful in a business (or social) setting in allowing you to be more effective in communicating with colleagues (or friends) from another country or culture. Please be specific: discuss the country(s) involved and use the dimension terminology provided in the presentation and refer to the readings in this module as appropriate.  

SAMPLE Final Project

Consider an international performance management challenge you are currently faced with, or may have had to deal with in the past. Please briefly provide the context of the challenge. Specifically, include the countries or cultures involved, what you currently believe the performance issue to be and what business and cultural issues you have or expect to encounter. You do not need to speculate on the cause of the performance challenge (we will do that in the second part of the Final Project) simply state what you currently believe the issue to be.