Strategic PlanningStrategic Planning

Acquire a deeper understanding of strategy concepts and learn to develop a strategic plan that creates alignment with organizational priorities and cultivates influence with senior leadership.

In this seminar, you’ll learn to:

  • Describe the concept and purpose of “strategy” and how it is conceived in your organization.
  • Recognize and select appropriate approaches and tools for creating a strategic plan.
  • Describe key components of a communication/training function strategy.
  • Apply strategy concepts to formulate an initial strategic plan.

SAMPLE Discussion Question

Within the function you work in, what processes or mechanisms ensure that your department-level strategy and projects are aligned with organization-wide goals? Or what steps might you take to improve the alignment?

SAMPLE Final Project

Evaluate your organization’s existing  communications/training strategy. Consider using SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Six Factor analysis, and/or the McKinsey 7S Framework to structure your response.