Using Social MediaUsing Social Media

Acquire a deeper understanding of strategy concepts and learn to develop a strategic plan that creates alignment with organizational priorities and cultivates influence with senior leadership.

In this seminar, you’ll learn to:

  • Describe the concept and purpose of “strategy” and how it is conceived in your organization.
  • Recognize and select appropriate approaches and tools for creating a strategic plan.
  • Describe key components of a communication/training function strategy.
  • Apply strategy concepts to formulate an initial strategic plan.

SAMPLE Discussion Question

How does your company currently use social media? What are the benefits that social media provides and what challenges have been faced in implementation? If your organization does not use social media, please comment on why this is the case.

SAMPLE Final Project

Develop a proposal or a pitch for a new application of social media in your organization. Your proposal should contain: objectives; target audience; media channels; and evaluation metrics.