Applications, Guidelines, and Other Forms

Plan to conduct an anonymous survey? You do not need an Informed Consent Form. Simply place the information that participants will read before they take the survey and label it Online Cover Sheet (for online surveys) or Tear-Off Cover Page (for paper surveys).

  • Select Applications for forms or to review sample applications
  • Select Appendices for required recruitment statements and informed consent forms
  • Select Guidelines and Forms for Ithaca College's Guidelines, federal regulations, HIPPA or Notice of Completion forms
Application for Expedited Review

Application for Expedited Review

Expedited review applications can be sent in at any time. The review time is 7 business days.

Items 1-4 as well as any survey instruments must be submitted to be reviewed.

Click below to access cover page, application and appendices:

  1. Cover Page

  2. Expedited Application

  3. Recruitment Statement - Appendix A

  4. Informed Consent Form - Appendix B

Expedited Applications are for:

  • Research projects in which the likelihood of harm or discomfort is not greater than that encountered in daily life or during the performance of a routine physical or psychological test is subject to expedited review.
  • The project does not involve sensitive topics or confidential information that could place a participant at risk if disclosed.
Don't Forget Appendix A

Recruitment Statement - If doing an anonymous survey you do not need an Informed Consent Form - just the Recruitment Statement.
Label it Tear-off Cover Sheet (for anonymous paper surveys) or Online Cover Sheet (for anonymous online surveys).