James J. Whalen Academic Symposium

22nd Annual James J. Whalen Academic Symposium

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The 22nd Annual James J. Whalen Academic Symposium is a celebration of student research, scholarship, and creativity featuring oral presentations, poster presentations, and creative works by students from all academic disciplines (graduate and undergraduate.)

Congratulations!!! to the 22nd Annual James J. Whalen Academic Symposium Winners:

Raul Dominguez: Building a Conduit: Connecting Mexican Choral Music to Our Choral Community, Janet Galvan

Benjamin Laufer: Addictive by Design: How Digital Media Companies are Deploying the Big Tobacco Playbook, Devan Rosen

Zoe Howland, Avery Santiago: Unruly Bodies and Sexual Pleasure: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Body Image and Physical Intimacy in Fat Women, Rebecca Plante

Claire Levitt: Antibiotic Resistance: The Silent Crisis, Peyi Soyinka-Airewele

Miranda Hoover, Anne Qu: Reimagining Recess!, Kimberly Wilkinson

Anthony Cosby JR: Native Language May Affect Performance on the King-Devick Test, but not the ImPACT, Jennifer McKeon

Mariel Rutkowski: Limb Asymmetries During Functional Hop Tests in Post-ACL Reconstruction Patients, Rumit Singh Kakar

Grace Trepasso: Enough is Enough: Looking at Federal and State Laws Through #MeToo and #TimesUp, Marlene Barken

Brendan Smith: Arbitration in the Era of #MeToo, Marlene Barken

Valerie Gugliada: Microplastics: Fluorescence Photobleaching and Adsorption and Emission of Toxins, Kelley D. Sullivan

Mady Chlebowski: The role of tppp2 in the development and function of somatosensory neurons in zebrafish, Ian Woods

Annie Batterman: The Ideal Young Woman in 19th Century America, Katharine Kittredge

Sophia Hebert: An Exploration of Bierasure in Literature, Katharine Kittredge

Tiffany Sanabia: Model Reentry Programs and Initiatives for Reducing Recidivism in Tompkins County, Paula Ioanide

Soumya Sah, Maria del Carmen Marin Gonzalez: LEARNING TO THINK BY LEARNING TO MOVE: Effects of Self-Produced Locomotion on Executive Functioning During Infancy. Nancy Rader

Emma Meneses, Kasey Charron, Emma Hess, Emily Weiss: Romantic Beliefs: The Impact on Relationship Satisfaction and Well-Being, Hugh Stephenson

Abigail MacKenzie: Zooplankton (Daphnia magna) as an Energy Efficient Fish Food in Aquaponic Food Production, Paula Turkon

Jane Alkhazov: Voices of the Gulags, Thomas Girshin

Rachel Bush: Physical Manifestations of Selective Mutism in School-Aged Children: A Case Series, Dana Tischler

Katherine McCall, Vanessa Brown: Early Sport Specialization is Associated with Increased Chance of Injury, Jennifer McKeon

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Taylor Ford '17 speaks with us about his experience at the 2016 James J. Whalen Symposium.

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