James J. Whalen Academic Symposium

Information for Student Presenters

What Students Should Expect:  Poster Presentations

  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your designated time to allow for set-up.
  • You are required to be present at your poster during the times you have designated.
  • ​Posters will remain up during the entire session.
  • ​You are responsible for setting up, taking down, and storing your poster.

What Students Should Expect:  Oral Presentations

  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your session.
  • Each room will be staffed by a time-keeper and a moderator. The time-keeper will be inside each room at the door and the moderator will be at the front end of the room by the podium.
  • When you arrive, check-in with the time-keeper and then the moderator. The time-keeper will confirm the amount of time you have for your presentation.
  • The moderator or time-keeper will help you load your media on the computer, if necessary, and answer questions you may have about your session.
  • At the beginning of your session, the moderator will ask you and the other presenters to introduce yourselves, please include your class year, school, and major.
  • When it is time for your presentation, the session moderator will introduce the title of your presentation.
  • Your presentation is 8 minutes with Q&A at the END of the Session.
  • When you are making your presentation, be aware of the time-keeper in the back of the room. This person will keep you apprised of the time left in your presentation.
    • With five minutes left, timer will hold up a card with a green square
    • With two minutes left, the timer will hold up a card with a yellow square. At this point, please wrap up your presentations.
    • A red stop sign will be held up when it is time to stop.
  • To ensure that each speaker has their allotted time to present and to allow for Q&A at the end of the session, please respect the time constraints.
  • Plan to remain seated in the front of the room for the duration of your session so that you can participate in Q&A that will typically follow the presentations, for the last 6 minutes of the session.

Use visual aids properly:

If you are printing your poster through the Ithaca College print shop, please look at the following guidelines to get the best result.

  • Less is more (use less text on each screen and more pictures)
  • bulleted or numbered lists (if sequenced)
  • parallel content and grammatical form
  • Limit number of bulleted/numbered items to 5-6 per slide
  • Limit each slide to 40-45 words
  • Make slides consistent in type style, size, and spacing
  • Use type size visible in back
  • No < 30 point bold
  • Headings 45-50
  • Use graphs/charts rather than tables for data trends
  • 1-2 per slide
  • Ensure contrast between text and background is sharp
  • Dark print on light & white text on dark
  • Expect to average 1 slide = 1 minute of presentation
  • Practice your presentation several times