Staff Council Committees

Executive Committee
Chair: Candy Ross

Vice Chair: Clint McCartney
Secretary: Virgilio Pinto
Communications and Public Relations Officer: Marilyn Dispensa
Treasurer: Joan Hurley

Mission: The Staff Council Executive Committee will monitor adherence to operating procedures within Council in accordance with the Ithaca College Governance and Committee Structure (section 1.6 of the Ithaca College Policy Manual) and Robert's Rules of Order; and will act for the Staff Council of Ithaca College between meetings within the limits of the Staff Council bylaws and

the constitution. Executive Committee members are required to attend all Executive Committee meetings and are responsible for planning the Annual Staff Council Retreat, assisting in the development of all correspondence, formulating the agendas for Staff Council meetings, and approving all drafts of the Staff Council meeting minutes.

Policy Committee

Staff Chair: VACANT

Co-Chair: VACANT
Mission: The purpose of the committee is to review, update, and create Staff Council policies and procedures as needed.

Campus Relations, Communications & Engagement Committee
Staff Chair: Kat Burton (ACTING)

Co-Chair: VACANT
Mission: The purpose of the committee is to promote mutual understanding amongst Ithaca College constituency groups, and to foster positive and productive relations between administration and the general working population.

Benefits Committee

Staff Chair: Kristin Morse (ACTING)

Co-Chair: VACANT

Mission: The Staff Benefits Committee is dedicated to providing a strong consulting liaison to the Office of Human Resources concerning both current benefits and proposed changes in benefits. This will be accomplished through sharing concerns and reactions from the represented bodies with the Office of Human Resources, and making recommendations for changes in benefits.

Staff Council Sub-Committees:

Blood Drive Committee

Staff Chair: Terry Taney

Co-Chair: VACANT

Mission: To bring to campus and organize Red Cross blood drives in order to collect life-saving blood for those in need of it.

Constitution & Bylaws Committee
Staff Chair: VACANT

Co-Chair: VACANT
Mission: The Constitution and Bylaws Committee shall serve as a resource for Executive Board and council membership on questions relating to the Constitution, Bylaws and/or of parliamentary procedure. The committee shall, as requested by the executive board or the membership, or on its own initiative, study problems concerning the Constitution and Bylaws; interpret Constitution and/or Bylaw questions; and draft proposed amendments to the Constitution and/or Bylaws to implement solutions to problems.

JJ Staff Scholar Award (Funded via College Endowment.)

Chair: Don Austin


Mission: To review applications submitted by eligible full-time Ithaca College personnel who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree and select candidates for cash awards that can be used for books or other educational materials and resources.

Veterans’ Day Committee

Staff Chair: VACANT

Co-Chair: VACANT

Mission: To organize all matters related to the annual Veterans Day festivities on campus.