Educational Quality

Students must be prepared for rapid changes in the workforce and the world. To that end, Ithaca College is transforming its educational experience with our strategic academic plan, IC 20/20.

The Integrative Core Curriculum, a key component of the plan, enables students to connect general education classes to an overarching theme, to exemplify how different forms of knowledge shed complementary light on the world. The ICC launched at the start of the 2013-14 academic year.

This emphasis on cross-disciplinary learning empowers students to take active roles in their education and encourages them to view challenges from different perspectives.

The educational experience provided by Ithaca College fosters personal and professional development by incorporating classroom learning , on-campus residence communities, civic engagement opportunities, extracurricular activities, study abroad programs, ongoing advisement by faculty and professional staff, and mentoring by alumni and other professionals in the workforce.