Principles in HR

Our Employer and Workforce Vision

Ithaca College is dedicated to the recruitment, retention and development of highly qualified and committed faculty and staff to support the vision of Ithaca College.

We believe in:

  • Finding the best and brightest to serve our institution.
  • Promoting respectful relationships and balanced lives.
  • Providing programs and services to reward and support our people.
  • The development of ourselves and our work culture to support an environment in which diversity is welcomed and celebrated – a place where every employee of Ithaca College is treated as a unique individual with distinct needs based on personal and professional experiences.

Our Approach to Employee Benefits

Ithaca College is committed to providing high quality benefits programs that provide options and flexibility needed at work and in life. Benefits are an important component of the “total compensation” package offered by the College. Our goal is to offer Ithaca College employees the most comprehensive benefits plan possible.

Our Approach to Employee Compensation

Ithaca College's compensation philosophy is to:

  • Attract, retain, and reward a diverse, talented, and effective faculty and staff by paying competitive salaries with consideration for market conditions, skills, knowledge, and expertise.
  • Recognize contributions and value to the College.
  • Reward performance through pay.
  • Manage pay through a flexible, market competitive structure.
  • Provide internal equity and consistent administration throughout the College.

Our Approach to Employee and Organizational Development

We are committed to enhancing organizational effectiveness by providing education, training, and consulting resources that strengthen individual capability, build organizational strength, and promote a culture of excellence.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Ithaca College is a dynamic workplace where we strive to encourage positive employee relations, effective communication, and a respectful and inclusive work environment. Our Diversity Strategic Plan Goals include these areas that impact faculty and staff:

  • Carry out a Campus Climate Survey for students, faculty, and staff on a regular basis and use the results to inform diversity initiatives across campus.
  • Increase the number and retention of underrepresented ALANA faculty and staff.
  • Develop/implement staff/faculty professional development opportunities related to diversity.
  • Create a physical campus environment that recognizes and celebrates diversity.
  • Develop specific initiatives for achieving universal access and meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities.
  • Increase the number and retention of international faculty and staff.

Our Belief in Work/Life Integration

We believe in the integration of work and life outside of work. We define it as education, programs, policies, practices and services that provide connections between individuals and the College including:

  • Flexibility
  • Wellness
  • Family Care
  • Individual Growth & Development
  • Community Service

Key Policies for Faculty and Staff

We believe in the development and adherence to a dynamic and comprehensive Administrative Policy Manual that provide guidelines for faculty and staff to work successfully at Ithaca College. Key policies that impact our workforce include:

  • Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
  • Policy on Sexual Harassment
  • Ethics and Integrity Policy