Q. Will you be encouraging students to buy-into COVID-19 community rules? 

A. Yes, we do plan to encourage buy-in from our students in several different ways. We use various communication platforms, including social media, to promote policies, local updates, and other health and safety information. We will be training our Resident Assistants in Residential Life to encourage their students to hold each other accountable and promote healthy behaviors on campus and in the residence halls. We have also created a community agreement reporting form for students, faculty, or staff to submit any behavior that they see that is not in line with the community expectations. The Student Conduct and Community Standards office reviews all of those submissions and follows up with all involved parties.

Q. What are the enforcement guidelines for students who violate the community agreement?  

A. We have created a set of Sanctioning Guidelines that outline the potential outcome a student might receive if they were to violate the community agreement.  We take every situation on a case by case basis and determine what is the most appropriate outcome. As an educational institution we try to find a balance between outcomes that will provide educational opportunities for our students while also prioritizing the health and safety of our entire community.