The Types of Budgets

Rules & Policies That Apply To All Budget Requests

  • The amount that any single organization is able to request in total during the course of an academic year is limited to 12.5% of the overall SGC budget.
  • SGC will not fund any retroactive purchases. All items requested on the budget must not have been previously purchased.
  • Everything requested for on the budget must have supporting documentation to provide the justification for the cost. (This must be current, and not used from previous years or requests).
  • New organizations may receive maximum total allocation of $1,000 for their first active semester requesting funds from SGC. This allows the organization to demonstrate financial responsibility to SGC for future funding requests.
  • All posters funded by SGC must include the SGC logo to prove sponsorship of the organization.
  • Any item over $500 must provide an alternative source to provide evidence that the organization chose the most fiscally responsible option.
  • Co-Sponsorships are highly encouraged by SGC. Organizations are supported to collaborate with other organizations, and academic departments. For this process each student organization must submit a budget requesting money for the part of the event they are funding. Each budget will be allocated separately into the designated student organization account by the committee.

Operational Budget

An operational budget is used to request funding for any expenses, materials, products, food, etc. that a student organization needs to function as an organization.

Programming Budget

A programming budget is used to request funding for any on-campus event that an organization would like to host.

Travel Budget

 A travel budget is used to request funding for off-campus activities for an organizations. This could be off-campus programming that is open to the community or travel to another location for only organizational members.

Fundraiser Budget

Fundraising loans are effectively programming proposals with the ultimate goal of raising funds for the student organization. SGC lends funds to student organizations to enable them to run fundraising events.

Travel Fundraiser Budget

A travel fundraiser budget is a student organization trip with the goals to raise money for the student organization.