Fundraiser Budget


  • Fundraising loans are effectively programming proposals with the ultimate goal of raising funds    for the student organization. SGC lends funds to student organizations to enable them to run fundraising events.
  • All money allocated to a student organization for a fundraising loan must be returned to SGC after the fundraiser is complete. All other funds raised in excess of the loan will be kept by the student organization.
  • An organization will not be in debt to SGC if money fundraised is less than the total allocation to the organization.

Rules & Policies

  • General Rules:
    • SGC will fund the purchase of shirts if they are for the intent of making a profit.
    • It is important to note that the state of New York charges a tax rate on all items sold on the Ithaca College campus. The respective rates will be applied to any deposits made into a student organizations accounts, and the applicable tax will be deducted from the full deposit amount. The tax for apparel sales is 4%, and the tax for all other merchandise sales is 8%.
    • All rules & policies from programming and travel apply to fundraising budgets.