Programming Budget


  • A programming budget is used to request funding for any on-campus event that an organization would like to host
  • This budget is NOT used to request funds for materials for general body meetings, travel or fundraisers.
  • Each organization can request multiple programming budgets per semester.
  • Each programming budget must be requesting funds for only ONE event at a time. Multiple budgets can be submitted and presented per week.
  • Programming budgets must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event of their event. This allows time for the organization to perform the necessary tasks leading up to their event including working with CES for catering, A/V, etc.
  • If a programming budget request totals $150 or under, the organization has the opportunity to “opt-out” of presenting to the Appropriations Committee. Student organizations that are requesting funding for the first time this academic year must come present to the committee even if it qualifies as an opt-out.
  • All funds allocated for a programming budget must be spent for the specified items on the budget. If all the funds were not spent from the programming budget they will be taken out of the student organizations account and returned to SGC.
  • Total cost of request may not exceed $30 per person.

Rules & Policies

  • General Rules & Policies
    • SGC will only fund programs that are open to the entire campus community. Exclusive events will not be funded by SGC.
    • SGC will not fund events that occur within the summer months. The first day of programming is the first day of the academic year and the last day of programming is the last day of the academic year.
    • It is required that every student organization must post their events on IC Engage. When posting an event on Engage, student organizations must also post to the IC Events Calendar. Student organizations may reach out to studentorgs@ithaca.edu to contact the Office of Student Engagement SLC Online Programming Team if you have any questions or need assistance in anyway putting on your event.
    • SGC will fund prizes for programming events, as long as all event attendees are eligible to win the prizes. The total amount funded for prizes shall not exceed $50 times the number of hosting organizations, with a maximum of $200 to be allocated for prizes.

  • Food purchases
    • SGC provides a list of common food items and prices called the “Suggested Price List”. This list can be referenced when creating a budget.
    • Must meet with CES if you are getting catering - must provide a quote for your meeting as supporting documentation for the prices.
    • Total cost of request may not exceed $30 per person (important for catering)
    • SGC will not fund the purchase of alcohol for use at events.
    • SGC will fund a minimum of a 15% tip for any food that SGC is already planning to fund.
    • SGC will fund delivery fees for any food that SGC is already planning to fund if there is supporting documentation provided and presented before the committee.
  • Advertising Purchases
    • SGC will fund the purchase of posters for student organizations to promote events.
    • All advertising materials funded by SGC must display the SGC logo on them to indicate that SGC sponsored the organization. This is to promote awareness of SGC funding to other organizations across campus.
    • All events funded by SGC that occur on/off campus must have an event created on IC Engage as a form of advertising for the event. This will allow the organization to be able to track attendance and save detailed information to their organization’s portal about the event and compile all event happening in one central resource.
  • Hosting A Speaker/Entertainers costs:
    • SGC will fund no more than two meals per day, with a maximum of $25 per meal.
    • SGC will fund a contract that has been processed through the Office of Student Engagement that is all-inclusive. All-inclusive means all travel, meals, lodging costs, and honorarium fees paid in one payment after the professional services have been provided.
    • SGC will not fund a contract that is already signed because is a form of retroactive funding and SGC will not be able to fund the expense.
  • Vendors
    • Ithaca College has a pre-approved list of companies for student organizations to use. This list is provided under the “Risk Management” section of the college website. There are lists of bus, inflatables and game vendors companies. Only vendors on these lists will receive funding.”
    • SGC will fund the payment attached to hiring student only if they are hired through the Office of Student Engagement. This includes, but not limited to, DJs, photographers, and other professional services.
    • SGC will not fund non-specific items with no specific association. Such items include overage charge covers, risk management, or miscellaneous items. These items are not specific to one category and are not guaranteed expenses.