The Allocations Process

  1. Complete the Budget Request.
  2. Submit the Budget Request on IC Engage.
  3. The Assistant VP of Business & Finance (SGCBusiness_assist@ithaca.edu) will email the organization member who submitted the budget with the schedule for the following Wednesday’s meeting.  **Note: Your organization’s time will be listed in the document sent in the email.
  4. Attend & present your organization’s budget request at the Wednesday night meeting.
  5. Allocation notification will be emailed to organization member by Friday. This notification will be one of three verdicts: approved, denied or tabled.

Important Dates & Times for Appropriations Committee Meetings

  • Appropriations Committee Meetings are held every Wednesday. They will start hearing budgets as early as 7:00 pm ET and will not hear any budgets past 10:00 pm ET.