27th National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

Seven students traveled to the University of Kentucky in April to present at their research.   The student and faculty appreciate the support of the Jack  and  Flo Bernard Family Undergraduate Research Fund to assist in the their transportation costs. 

NICOLE BELKO ’14. The use of ONO-RS-082 a phospholipase A2 inhibitor, to investigate the localization of amyloid precursor protein. (Advisor, Ed Cluett)

RUBY BENN ’15. Investigating the Role of Carboxy-Terminal Domain of RNA Polymerase II in Chromatin Remodeling and Gene Expression in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. (Advisor, Maki Inada)

HALEY COLEMAN ’14. The Role of CART in arousal behaviors in larval zebrafish. (Advisor, Ian Woods)

ERICA FALCONE  ’14. The brave little hamster. (Advisor, Leann Kanda)

ALISHA LINTON ’14. Galanin localization and actions in the guinea pig cardiac plexus. (Advisor, Jean Hardwick)

AMBER MOORE ’14. To forage or not to forage: the perception of fear in Phodopus sungorus. (Advisor, Leann Kanda)

SARAH RABICE ’14. Interactions among carbohydrates and proteins that could determine performance of terrestrial slug glue. (Advisor, Andy Smith)

The 68th Annual Eastern Colleges Science Conference, Marist College

Edward Cluett and Sarah Boyle, along with Andrew Smith’s students, traveled to schenectady, NY to present at the annual conference.  

SARAH BOYLE ’15. The effect of PLA2 Inhibitors on the endosomal network and the processing of amyloid precursor protein. (Advisor, Edward Cluett)

HOLLY GARBACZ ’16. Reduction Effects on Mechanical Strength of Defensive Glue Secreted by Arion subfuscus. (Advisor, Andrew Smith)

ALEX WILKS  ’16. Polysaccharides and Proteins Intertwined: Testing the Double Network Hypothesis for Tough Glue. Alex won the award for best presentation in his category.  (Advisor, Andrew Smith)

Other Out-of-Region Meetings

LAUREN RYAN  ’16 . Poster presentation.  Society for Molecular Biology & Evolution. San Juan, Puerto Rico. June 2014.  The poster is coauthored by Adam Longwich (Biochemistry ’13) and includes work he completed while a student at IC.  (Advisor, Susan Swensen Witherup)

EMILY POWERS ’15  and ALISHA LINTON  ’14. Galanin localization and actions in the guinea pig cardiac plexus. Society for Neuroscience conference.  Society for Neuroscience Meetings. San Diego, CA. November 2013. Funding support was provided by the Jack and Flo Bernard Family Undergraduate Research Fund and an H&S EGI Grant. (Advisor, Jean Hardwick)