Start by Choosing the Pathway That Fits You Best

The path you choose for Summer College isn’t your life path. It’s just a way to start thinking about your coursework and to start to identify your people – other students who think like you, who find the same things important to them – maybe forever, or maybe just right now. 

Pathways Lead to Course Selection

You choose a pathway, then select one course dedicated to precollege students that will meet on campus for five weeks. The summer 2022 course schedule is currently under development. You can review previous pathways and course offerings below.

Health and Wellness
Students will engage with health and wellness issues in their coursework and explore ways to improve their own well-being.
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Students will grow their innovation by exchanging ideas and collaboratively problem-solving with others of diverse backgrounds.
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Social Justice, Social Change
Students will engage with social justice issues in their coursework and explore ways to make change in the world.
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Students will come together to explore ways of conserving energy and the Earth’s natural habitat.
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