Building Community and Reflective Practice

Ithaca College is committed to all students finding a sense of belonging.

Monday Common Hour Programming - 11:30 am-12:30 pm EST

Join Zoom Meeting (permanent link for every Monday Common Hour). The meeting ID and passcode for the meeting were emailed from summercollege@ithaca.edu on 7/1/21.


These synchronous sessions will include short presentations and information sharing before interactive activities and smaller group discussions.

Overall Goals of the Monday Common Hours

Community-building: Giving you a chance to meet and get to know other students outside of class.

Reflection: Thinking about your sense of identity and answering questions like, how do I value college? how will I access advocacy and other resources? how will I communicate with my professors and peers?

Session One: Where/when/how do we feel a sense of belonging? How do we develop an inclusive community?

  • Establishing ground rules for discussions: why you should – or shouldn’t - speak up in a room full of strangers; skill-building; listening to understand, and framing I statements
  • Setting the stage: how will you approach the next five weeks?

Session Two: How do I value a college education?

  • What is your Identity and how will it play a role in your decision to attend college and your successful transition to college?
  • Connecting with new people with different identities and perspectives

Session Three: What resources are available at college and how do I access them?

  • How do you know when you need help?
  • How do you ask for help?
  • Why wouldn’t you as for help, based on your personality or identity?
  • How do you advocate for yourself?

Session Four: College skill-building: Communicating with professors and peers.

  • What’s OK and not OK when communicating with peers and professors in college?
  • How might this be different than in high school?
  • How and where do you communicate if something is not ok? 
  • Why wouldn’t you (based on who you are) not say when something is not ok?
  • How can you develop the confidence to trust that what you’re feeling is real?
  • How can you be sure that others at college - your professors, your classmates, the institution - will support you? 

Session Five: Reflection.

  • What have you learned about yourself and the way you approach new people?
  • How will you (and who will you) ask for letter(s) of recommendation?
  • Where will you ask for help or access new resources?
  • How can we continue this community? What are your next steps and new questions?
  • How does college fit into your life goals?